News and Updates

The 8th release of JASPAR database

We are happy to announce the eighth release of JASPAR database, as JASPAR 2020. This latest release comes with a hundreds of new/updated profiles as position frequency matrices (PFMs), introducing a new community curation initiative, an open Q&A forum, and much more.

Below are the highlights of this release:

  • Added 245 new PFMs (169 for vertebrates, 42 for plants, 17 for nematodes, 10 for insects, and 7 for fungi)
  • Updated 157 PFMs (125 for vertebrates, 28 for plants, and 3 for insects).
  • This release comes with a novel collection of unvalidated TF-binding profiles for which our curators did not find orthogonal supporting evidence in the literature.
  • Moreover, we created a Q&A forum to ease the communication between the user community and JASPAR curators.

The data are available on the JASPAR website, via the REST API, and in the downloads section.